How We Work

Create an efficient system to keep cost down, engagement up, and deals flowing.

Brand + Content Strategy

We'll dig deep to ensure your content is focused, relevant, and insightful to hook your target audience. We'll help you define 3-5 content pillars that get planned across an Editorial Calendar we create with you.

Subject Matter Expert Interviews

We'll extract your knowledge and perspectives in an efficient one hour interview every month. Over time, we'll build a robust knowledge bank to use to curate  topics and perspectives.

Long-Form Content

Create authoritative long-form content that educates your audience about 3-5 core topics. Long-form content gives your audience a deep dive perspective of how to solve challenging problems. These also get repurposed into short-form content to keep your content engine running.

Short-Form Content

Fill your Editorial Calendar with educational and inspirational content in digestible short-form formats like text posts, graphic carousels, and video clips that drive engagement and sell for you 24/7.

Nurture Touchpoints

Publish a monthly email and LinkedIn newsletter to remind your audience of top performing content, upcoming events, and sales engagement opportunities.

Selling Touchpoints

Build a customer journey that leads to sales conversations. Invite engaged contacts to webinars where you showcase how to accelerate outcomes for customers with your services.

Grow your network, build relationships, and find opportunities.

Targeted Distribution

Create target audiences of ideal customers and accounts. Promote your top content from your personal and company page to ensure visibility so your content investment doesn't go unseen. Retarget engaged contacts to nurture and promote events.

"Working with Context means gaining a partner who is vested in your success."

- Pete Canalichio, CEO, BrandAlive